Alterego Club and Lounge


Alterego Club and Lounge, one of the trendiest gay clubs in Budapest, is found on Dessewffy Street. Their diverse party series include live cross-dressing shows and is frequented by a neat, not-exclusively-gay audience. The private room, which is only open to men at the moment, is a recent addition to the place. Alterego is a great choice if your are up for an authentic club ambience, drinking cocktailswith smart people, or dancing (poles available aswell) to the pop hits of the moment.



  • Location6
  • Atmosphere7
  • Service6
  • Drinks6
  • Overall8
  • 6.6


Open hours

Fri-Sat :10:00 p.m. to 6:00


1066 Budapest, Dessewffy utca 33

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