Dreamland Swingers Club


We founded our club (wich is situated in the 10 th district) in the year of 2001 with the purpose of giving a chance to those who fancy Swinger way of life.
On more than 600 m2 there are smokers and non-smokers rooms: Dance floor, Whirlpool, Magic-room, Sauna & Massage floor, Sado-Mazoroom and special rooms at your disposal ( a peep room, a mirror room, a dark room, a paint-room, and a lockable room).

There is a great opportunity for men an women to spend a few wonderful hours in convenient circumstances to enjoy the beauty of FREE LOVE, without any obligations, on the basis of sympathy mutual.

Open hours

Wednesday: 8:00 pm-03:00 am
Thursday: 8:00 pm-01:00 am
Friday, Saturday: 9:00 pm-05:00 am



Gitar street 11 , Budapest , Hungary

One thought on “Dreamland Swingers Club

  1. sam

    are you open for business or closed because of Covid 19? if open, what is the new rules?


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