Erotic massage: Intensify your body experience

When we talk about erotic massage, we are not necessarily talking about sex in a literal context; rather we refer to how we can enhance the perception of the body and the flow of its energy to channel the pleasure in a better way.

This leads to a better knowledge of your body, your sensations and the physical contact in order to help you know yourself and find confidence, so that you feel comfortable with your own body.

When you know yourself, you can release your sensual side to give and receive pleasure in a more intense way. This is where a good massage takes relevance, due to the way in which physical contact can convey emotions more directly.

That’s why here in Prague, we mix tantra and erotic massages to transport you to a place where all your fantasies can come true.

Open hours

  • Tel.: +420 777 779 056


Malé náměstí 13 , Prague 1

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