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Andersen Pubs

The Andersen pubs have student-friendly prices and specialties called ‘A metre of beer‘ and ‘Mini metre‘. These are glasses...

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Hot tip!

Peaches and Cream Club

Peaches And Cream Party R’n’B started to come in autumn 2012 Series is the time after several residences and rural conquest of...

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Budapest For Adults

One wonders if there are any independent males in Europe who wouldn’t visit Budapest for some chicks and a flirt or two if given the opportunity. It is safe to say that compared to their European rivals, the girls in Budapest are the most beautiful and the most open, so it is no wonder why this city is the most popular destination.

Cool Spots

Morrison’s Clubs

  Morrison’s 1, a moderate-sized cellar club, is nestled in the beautiful surroundings of the Opera, a block away...

Latest Reviews

Tesla Budapest

Something changed in the heart of Budapest’s party district, under 21 Kazinczy Street. Tesla.rar, the garden of Tesla...

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Irish Cat Pub

The Irish Cat Pub is the only and the oldest pub in Hungary, which keeps the Irish tradition . New and traditions among the best things...

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TERMINAL is a restaurant and bar with a unique atmosphere, in the heart of the bustling downtown, at the Erzsébet...

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Budapest park

Advertising itself as a permanent festival venue,Budapest Park (near the Palace of Arts) is open from May to September to entertain music...

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