💚White Angel💚

White Angel is a  club in Óbuda, the North of Budapest, close to the entrance to Hajógyári Sziget where the Sziget Festival entrance is as well. It belongs to the same company who own many other clubs on Hajógyári Sziget like Pink or Dokk and targets the same people as the other clubs as well, newly rich and girls hunting for those. This club is massive and hosts at least 2000 people.

From inside club White Angel is quite nice and modern with seperate areas, VIP rooms incl. Whirlpool and a whirlpool next to the VIP bar with half naked girls dancing and taking a bath. So you see already what the audience is like in White Angel and it is for sure up to your taste if you want to go there or not. In case you are hunting for young, snobbish girls than White Angel is probably your place to go.


  • Location7
  • Atmosphere10
  • Prices8
  • Girls10
  • Overall9
  • 8.8


Open hours


  • Tel.: +36 70 701 0703


Reményi Ede u. 3.


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